ipiit will guide you in the jungle of food products and advise you according to your preferences.

from food ambassadors

Thank you for creating this app. I love that you list alternatives. As the parent of a Celiac child, I am very excite to have this. Keep up the good work!, T

Features you will love!

Choose your food preferences

More and more of us have food allergies or specific food preferences and perhaps you just found out that you have Celiac disease. What ingredients should you avoid? Just pick your preferences and ipiit, The Food Ambassador will make the food-part easier. We are constantly refining and adding more preferences. Help us prioritize what preference to add next.

Scan the barcode

Some food ambassadors say we shouldn't eat food with barcodes on, that is probably a great idea, but for most of us that is not realistic. What we can do is make sure that we eat products that are good for us and that we know what's in them! Just scan the barcode and simply check what you want to avoid. ipiit, The Food Ambassador will help you find the information that matters to you!

Simple visual guidance

The visual symbols will quickly let you know if a product is 'okay for you' or 'not for you' according to your food preferences. If a product comes up as 'not okay for you', you can check out the alternative products that fits your or your families food preferences.

Easy product comparison

Easily compare two different products with each other. With simple graphic visualization you can quickly see what products has the better nutrition's according to you. Let's say you decided to eat food with less sodium, compare your favorite product with other ones, perhaps it is time to change?

Rate and guide others

Rate your food products and let the community know which products you like and dislike. With rating food products you can voice your opinion, good or bad. Together we can make a difference and change the broken food system, believe it or not, but the food producers are listening!

Excited? There is even more to come!